That Makes
Your Weekend

Lightens the Mood

Music is a source of good emotions. When we listen to music, we get a charge of endorphins.

aesthetic experiences

Music regulates emotional states, arousal or tranquility, and socialization.

Gets into Memory

Music penetrates emotions and memories and allows you to feel a kinship with other people.

Increases Performance

Music can increase your productivity and set you up for the right rhythm of work.

Meet our Team


It so happened that music – especially classical – was among the subjects that decent, educated, intelligent people are interested in.

Ashley arthur


Parents send their children to music schools for harmonious development, “instill” in them a love for the classics, sometimes without experiencing this love.

hanna carter


As we said above, music is a very hedonistic thing. It has to do with enjoying life. It is important to understand here that pleasure can be different.

melissa gabelhouser

“Remember the feeling of delight that you experienced when you first read a writer or poet, who later became your favorite author. For the sake of this feeling, we watch movies, meet people, learn languages. Here, as with gold mining – we do not know whether we will stumble upon a cherished vein, whether a miracle of meeting something that will change us will happen, but we never tire of looking for and hoping for this meeting.”



Thanks to new music, we learn more about the world. It makes our intellect and memory work.


New music forces us to reconsider our habits. It complicates and enriches our judgment.


By listening to music, immersing ourselves in it, and becoming attached to it, we make it a part of our personality.