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Climate Pledge Arena, 1st Mar, 2022


Upcoming Bad Bunny Event

Climate Pledge Arena

Bad Bunny finally arrives in Seattle with his El Mundo tour. The tour was announced at April 2021 and the tickets to Bad Bunny Seattle concert were sold out in a matter of hours. Out of 17500 seats at the Climate Pledge arena, only a few hundreds are left at the face value.

1st Mar, 2022

Concert Hall 1

1st Mar, 2022

Concert Hall 2

Climate Pledge arena seating chart

How much are Bad Bunny Seattle tickets?

Prices start at 178 USD (cheapest at our website) to 6000 for Meet and Greet packages.

Are Bad Bunny Seattle tickets available on Ticketmaster?

No, the event was sold out at Ticketmaster in a matter of hours once they were opened for the public in April 2021. The same with other concerts from El Ultimo tour.

Can you buy Bad Bunny Seattle tickets at face value?

Unfortunately, not. Tickets at the face value were sold through Ticketmaster.

Alternatively, you can buy the tickets to the show from resellers with a small markup. We compared the most popular ticket resellers to find which can offer the best prices.

How to buy cheap Bad Bunny Seattle tickets?

Prices compared and coupon codes

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All you need to know about Bad Bunny Seattle concert at Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge Arena sеating chart

  • How about the seating view? The venue is renovated, so no details yet.
  • Climate Pledge Arena parking map – (image)
  • Venue handicap parking

Climate Pledge Arena is made with care about handicapped individuals. It has the infrastructure required to accommodate disabled guests comfortably and safely.

Venue rules

  • All guests entering Climate Pledge arena are subject to search as permissible by law. Refusal will be grounds to prohibit admission.
  • Exit and re-entry to the venue are prohibited.
  • No smoking or drinking in the venue
  • Small bags under 4.5″ x 6.5″ are permitted
  • Covid policy and precautions.

Climate Pledge Arena Reviews and rating

Climate Pledge Arena is averaging 4.2 on Google maps, Before the renovation visitors were complaining about small seats and bad sound, especially on scene distance.


Hopefully, the renovation fixes these issues and Bad Bunny Seattle fans will enjoy his music in a comfortable way.



Is Climate Pledge Arena suitable for an upcoming Bad Bunny concert?


Yes, it should give the true arena concert drive. And after the renovation, the improvements in sound and seating will improve the impression of the Bad Bunny fans.



Will there be a line for Bad Bunny concert in Climate Pledge arena?


The reviews don’t indicate the long lines or wait to be admitted to the venue. But there are lots of fans waiting for this date.

Information for the visitors from other cities

If you are coming a long way to Seattle to see Bad Bunny live from other cities, the below information is for you.

  • Climate Pledge Arena is in the northeast downtown Seattle, WA. There are a dozen of bus stops within 1-mile radius of the arena. So, it’s highly accessible.
  • Hotels in the city near Climate Pledge arena. If you are coming to Seattle for a Bad Bunny concert, you might consider staying overnight after the exhausting concert.

There are quite a bit of good hotels close to the Climate Pledge arena. The nearest are Mediterranean Inn, Homewood Suites, The Maxwell hotel. 

  • Food and restaurants in and near the venue

Climate Pledge arena has partner food vendors. Also, you can take a look around the arena to go to the restaurant or bar. There are plenty of them in the city.

Getting ready for the upcoming Bad Bunny Seattle concert. FAQ

  • When is Bad bunny coming to Seattle?

He is visiting Seattle on March 1st, 2022 as a part of his El Ultimo tour.

  • What time does Bad Bunny concert start?

The concert is scheduled on 8 pm. But the admission starts 1 hour before the show. Also, be ready to wait 30-60 minutes before Bad Bunny comes to the stage of the Climate Pledge arena.

  • Will there be an opening act?

No details on the opening act are found, but be ready for pleasant surprises.

  • How long is a Bad bunny concert in Seattle?

The show usually takes 2 hours from the time of Bad Bunny appearance on stage.

  • Will there be a pre-party?

There is no preparty officially announced, but keep an eye on Bad Bunny Seattle fan communities in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

  • What to wear to a Bad Bunny concert?

There is no dress code, just dress as you want as long as it’s clean.

  • Who is coming to see the concert?

Bad Bunny’s fans are mostly young females. The event is LGBT, families and singles friendly.

  • How old do you have to be to visit the Bad bunny show?

3 years is the minimal age to visit.

  • Will there be an after-party after Bad Bunny Seattle show?

No official data on that. There may be an after-party for Vip packages and Meet and greet tickets holders. 

  • Can I get merch at in the Climate Pledge arena?

Yes, for sure. You will see a merch table near the entrance.

What are the ticket options for the Bad Bunny Seattle concert?

Depending on the budget you can get tickets for as low as 100 $ and for as much as 6000 – the most expensive Meet and Greet tickets. For those who want to spend to see Bad Bunny live.


General admission tickets price starts at 60 $.


Pit tickets prices are starting at around 600 $.

Will Bad bunny do Meet and greet in Seattle?

Yes, there is a limited meet and greet session after the show. The price for the Meet and Greet package is 7500 $ and includes the ability to see Bad `Bunny closely and make a photo with him. Plus premium seating and VIP gift bag with merch.


You can buy them by the link –

  • Vip tickets and VIP packages

There are several VIP ticket packages available starting at 700 up to 3000. More details here –

How to get cheap Bad Bunny tickets?

Follow this link and use the coupon code for a discount

El Ultimo tour del Mundo details and Bad Bunny setlist

Bad Bunny has announced El Último Tour del Mundo 2022 (The Last Tour of the World)—a tour named for his 2020 album of the same name. The dates of the El Ultimo tour are February-May of 2022. As a part of his world tour, he will visit 35 cities in North America in 2022.


The first week of ticket sales resulted in 480 000 tickets sold.

What is the Bad Bunny setlist for the upcoming Seattle concert?

On the concert date, we expect to hear the following hits of Latin Music live. This time you will his famous hits as well as the songs from a new album.

  • Ni bien ni mal
  • 200 MPH
  • ¿Quién tú eres?
  • Diles
  • Pa ti
  • Tú no vive así
  • Soy peor
  • Si tu novio te deja sola
  • Solita
  • Sensualidad
  • Caro
  • Tenemos que hablar
  • Vuelve (Daddy Yankee cover)
  • Amorfoda
  • Si estuviésemos juntos
  • Solo de mí
  • Te boté
  • Dura (Daddy Yankee cover)
  • MIA

You can listen to it on Spotify by the link –

Bad Bunny U.S. tour dates 2022

Bad Bunny is going to visit 33 US cities with the shows. To get tickets to these upcoming events click here –

Fan reviews about the El Ultimo del Mundo tour

Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny, real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton music singer.

He released his debut music album, ‘X 100pre’, in 2018. He followed up with ‘Oasis’, a collaborative album with J Balvin, in 2019 and in 2020 put out ‘YHLQMDLG’, ‘Las Que No Iban A Salir’ and ‘El Último Tour Del Mundo’.

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